Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{Snow Day}

Being from the south any amount of snow is exciting! But getting over 6 inches, is a miracle! :)

{Snow always makes everything look beautiful & everything seems so peaceful!}

As you can see, Jack loved the snow! It was so much fun to watch him bounding around getting his whole face & legs covered in snow!


On another note, I have recently been making hearts, since Valentine's Day is not too far off! I actually don't know exactly why I am making them, or for what purpose, but they have been fun to create, and I am now fervently searching for a project to use them for....I have a few ideas! :)
Here are some of them:

{Hopefully you can tell this one says amore!}

Have a wonderful day! :)


Kellie said...

So cute! Snow just gives you more time to craft!
Love the hearts!

Eleanor said...

Love the hearts! And I really have to get working on some valentines, too!

I love your lil' crafts!!!

Enjoyed the snow too! :)