Saturday, March 26, 2011

{just a little happy...}

i have always kind of liked rain because it means you have to be inside, so it can be sort of cozy......
but i found myself, slightly bored this weekend! i guess because i don't really have any crafty projects to work on right now......and so i just am at a loss. maybe it's a nice break from all the craziness that i have endured this week!
i did find myself snapping pictures of all the "happy" that i have seen this week, and i thought perhaps all of us could use a little "happy" -- even though it may not be raining where you are......

{tea from a lovely friend -- i haven't tried it yet, i have just been smelling it -- it smells glorious!}

{being greeted by this cheery fabric every time i enter the craft room!}

{typing a colon and a parenthesis in Microsoft Word and this automatically appears!}

{seeing this little face all day every day -- and him finally acting like the normal Jack again!}

{taking pictures of these flower the exact day before they all shriveled up!}

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{Tuesday's Title}

Today's title is actually a series of three books, I figured it would just be better to lump them together since it I think they are all wonderful!
I don't know if you know this about me, but I am quite the sucker for a romantic novel, and these books will definitely prove it! But, obviously I enjoy the books so much better if the author is a Christian and keeps the romance clean & just plain sweet! :)

Book 1:

Every Little Thing About You is about the youngest of three brothers, Slater Rawlings meeting Liberty Drake, and this book is my favorite of the three! Click here for a synopsis!

Book 2:

The second in the series is A Texas Sky, about the middle brother, Dakota Rawlings falling in love with feisty Darvi Wingate. Click here for synopsis!

Book 3:

The last book in the series is City Girl, centering on the eldest brother, Cash Rawlings and his relationship with Reagan Sullivan. Click here for synopsis!

All three books deal with each of the brothers' romances, but they also all deal with their relationships with God! Each one throughout the book have different struggles, but each one ends up knowing their God in a deeper fuller way!
I hope you will check these out! They are love stories, but they are also sweet little reminders to trust God more!

Happy Tuesday!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

{happy sun & happy cloud}

More fun with Polymer clay! Woo hoo!
And this pair of earrings turned out so adorable....I am thrilled to show you!

{ sunshine }

{ ....and raincloud! }

Aren't they adorable? I think it's a cute pair of earrings & yes, you do wear them together!
It's a funky look, but it's growing on me!

Tell me what you think!
I hope your Saturday was wonderful!

Friday, March 18, 2011

{All creatures great and small....}

I've got a sick little puppy on my hands!

Yesterday he had surgery (he had to be neutered, poor dog!) and so after him being gone literally all day we finally got him back and he was definitely in pain! Last night he woke me up at around 1:30 am whining. Its so incredibly pitiful when a dog is in pain because they can't tell you about it, and really there's not much you can do.
Anyways, we stayed up together until about 4:00 am when we both fell back asleep! Yeah, so needless to say, last night was rough.
This morning really wasn't any better because he was still in a lot of pain, and refuses to walk & acts very uncomfortable when you try to pick him up.
So I had to take him back to the vet (I'm glad I had my mom with me otherwise I might have just burst into tears -- there's just something about my doggy in pain that makes me cry!) we got him some pain pills and I think the little guy is feeling much better & hopefully will fully recover very quickly!

Now, you might be thinking.....

"Why did she just tell me all this?"

Well it's because this situation actually taught me a few little life lessons!
First I definitely learned that I have to trust God! Being awake in the middle of the night with a whimpering dog who can't really tell you what hurts and how to help certainly makes you depend on your Lord. That's all I could do when I had to sit there with him! All I could do was pray that both of us would get some rest.

But then I also started to think.....

"Does God really care about this little dog's pain?"

I felt bad for thinking that, but then I recalled the verse from Matthew 10:29 talking about the Sparrow falling. God knows & cares when the Sparrow falls! God definitely cares about his little creatures!

All this to tell you, I learned another life lesson through a little situation! It amazes me how God uses simple little situations to teach us great things!

Now I need to go work on some crafts, so I have more happy things to tell you! :)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

{Through my GREEN eyes}

I have seen a lot of green things today,
And yes, my eyes are green! :)

Happy St. Patrick's Day

P.S. I have been messing with the look of my blog (as I'm sure you have noticed by now!), and I really want to know what you think about it! ;)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

{Tuesday's Title}

Yay! Another Tuesday! {I can't believe how times seems to be flying by!}
Today's book is a very special one to me. Yes, I know this is technically a children's book, but I still love it, because it is such a sweet & simple story about a sweet & simple woman!
I don't want to tell you too much because I really want you to read it, but it is a touching little story that I used to love when my mom would read it to me!
Now it is in my trunk waiting to be read to my future children!

Monday, March 14, 2011

{Scrabble Ring}

First, before I show you my new & awesome ring.........
I think you should now what it feels like to be me right now!

Step 1: take your thumb & first finger
Step 2: place said fingers on either side of your nose
Step 3: now pinch said nose with said fingers
Step 4: now try to talk, or better yet, try to breathe!

Yeah, so I don't know if I already have allergies, or I am just coming down with a cold, but I have been sneezing since I woke up, and my sinuses are being annoying!
But that hasn't stopped me from crafting, of course!

I just glued the scrabble tile to a ring base with just some gem glue that I had & let it dry overnight. I don't think the glue was actually meant for wood on metal, but actually it worked nicely & seems to be bonded quite permanently!

When I went to find a "B" in the bag of scrabble tiles {don't worry it was an old set!}
I didn't realize that the "B" was worth 3 points which works out perfectly,
because in my family, I am the third "B" after two awesome brothers! :)

I really like this ring, it's pretty funky & random, but I like that & I hope you do too!
Tell me what you think & please, pray for me that I will feel better!
Have a great day!

Thursday, March 10, 2011


If you don't write in a journal......
I strongly encourage you to start!

I have always loved writing, so I have always had some sort of journal.
Though I am just now starting to really be faithful with it.

{here is my current journal. this one is almost finished and is almost
bursting at the seams....but I kinda like that}

The great part a few weeks you can read it again and it will amaze you what little memories you have already forgotten!

Plus you can have so much fun decorating the I do!

This is a little drawer filled with clip-art & inspirational sayings that I cut out of a whole bunch of magazines to use for decorations!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

{Tuesday's Title}

Every Tuesday from now on I will try to post a book that I have read and thoroughly enjoyed, and then hopefully you will read it and thoroughly enjoy it too!

So today's title is one that probably some of you have already read, but remains one that I could read over, and over, and over again!

I'm pretty sure that every girl was {or is} in love with Mr. Darcy at one point! And Jane Austen is one of my favorite writers of all time because of the way she is able to take simple life and transform it into a beautiful romantic story that every gal wishes she could
take a step into for a while!

My copy is worn and old, but I love it anyway....but the smell is so comforting!
{Raise your hand if you love the smell of old books!! woo hoo!}

{ This is the picture I used for the banner. It's how I mark my favorite chapter....where everything comes to a close and Elizabeth & Darcy finally make amends & admit their love for one another! Awwwww......precious! } ;)

There was Tuesday's Title! Stay tuned for more of my favorite books!

Monday, March 7, 2011

{Easy Peasy}

First I have to apologize for not blogging in a loooong time! It feels like I haven't been on in forever! I am trying to come up with a lot of fun & interesting stay tuned!

But now on to the exciting part.......
More felt + more flowers = more cuteness!

And let me tell you this was such an easy accessory to make.

{just pardon the unkempt hair} ;)

And a closer look..........

So basically all I did was cut out three layers of felt in a "flower-ish" shape,
Sewed them together with a coordinating bead,
And then sewed them both to a stretchy head band {I used Goody head band which makes it really functionally & basically impossible to mess up, since I struggle with centering things} :)

I just really love the color palette of this accessory and I know I will wear it a lot....I already have!!


Like I said I will try to be back on gets cRaZy and oftentimes I feel thats when God is "stretching" me! But if I am fully relying on him I won't stretch to breaking......I will get through it with his strength! That energizes me because I can tell myself that whenever I feel a little stressed -- God is in control & he will never give me more than I can handle!