Thursday, March 10, 2011


If you don't write in a journal......
I strongly encourage you to start!

I have always loved writing, so I have always had some sort of journal.
Though I am just now starting to really be faithful with it.

{here is my current journal. this one is almost finished and is almost
bursting at the seams....but I kinda like that}

The great part a few weeks you can read it again and it will amaze you what little memories you have already forgotten!

Plus you can have so much fun decorating the I do!

This is a little drawer filled with clip-art & inspirational sayings that I cut out of a whole bunch of magazines to use for decorations!


Kellie said...

What great ideas B! You will treasure those thoughts you took the time to jot down on paper... soon they will only be memories, but you will be able to refresh your memory with your thoughts from the day! Keep it up!

Eleanor said...

That is a really cool idea - decorating the pages of your journal! Bravo!

(You've encouraged me to get back to mine!!!) :)