Tuesday, March 8, 2011

{Tuesday's Title}

Every Tuesday from now on I will try to post a book that I have read and thoroughly enjoyed, and then hopefully you will read it and thoroughly enjoy it too!

So today's title is one that probably some of you have already read, but remains one that I could read over, and over, and over again!

I'm pretty sure that every girl was {or is} in love with Mr. Darcy at one point! And Jane Austen is one of my favorite writers of all time because of the way she is able to take simple life and transform it into a beautiful romantic story that every gal wishes she could
take a step into for a while!

My copy is worn and old, but I love it anyway....but the smell is so comforting!
{Raise your hand if you love the smell of old books!! woo hoo!}

{ This is the picture I used for the banner. It's how I mark my favorite chapter....where everything comes to a close and Elizabeth & Darcy finally make amends & admit their love for one another! Awwwww......precious! } ;)

There was Tuesday's Title! Stay tuned for more of my favorite books!


Kellie said...

Great pics... and I love this story! Give me the classics anyday. Happy Reading... can't wait til next Tuesday!

sara's art house said...

You know what, I am so hesitant to say this, but I have never read the book! I have seen every version of the movie- but have not read the book! Isn't that terrible!? I will have to read it now :)

Eleanor said...

My question is, how can you not absolutely live and die for the classics!? I love that book!!!

Keep the great stuff coming!!! :)