Tuesday, April 26, 2011

{Tuesday's Title....belated}

Finally......another edition of Tuesday's Title!
To be honest....I kind of forgot I was doing this! :)
And yes, I do know today is Wednesday, but I did promise a special friend
I would put this book up this week!

Today's title is Jane Eyre!

I love this book! It's yet another romance novel (they are definitely my favorites)
but this one is a classic that everyone needs to read at least once!
I cannot describe or explain things very well, so go here to read a summary,
if you have no idea what the book is about!

I hope you will try this book out......it's really great!

Monday, April 25, 2011

{Easter eggs}

How was your Easter? Mine was wonderful! Our church always has a morning service, and a fellowship to follow and then no more services the rest of the day, providing time to spend with family!
So, we had some fun & reverted back to childhood and dyed easter eggs as well as an Easter egg hunt! Sure, we might be a little old for those things......maybe not though becuase it was really very fun! :)

Coloring easter eggs has always been so much fun for me! I love the colors and the few days afterwards of just admiring all the colors!
Some don't looks so great.....but that's just what makes it so much fun!
So my Easter weekend has been spent with a lot of joy and too much candy! :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

{one blessed girl}

I really do have to apologize for not posting in 2 weeks! That's a long time!
But I really haven't had much time for any crafting!
However, things are slowing down.....slowly! :)
Yesterday I was so extremely blessed to be able to get this camera! I am ecstatic! I have wanted a nice camera because as you may have read on my other blog.....I want to do photography professionally! So, hopefully this can get me on the right track!

I think these pictures prove how amazing this camera is!

I am really impressed with the quality of the pictures, and how user-friendly it is!

I am just so thankful that this blessing was sent my way! God loves his children and even though we never deserve it he sends us blessings! Just to remind us how good and gracious he is!
Thank you Lord.......and thank you Mom & Dad! :)

Friday, April 8, 2011


Why have I been neglecting my poor blog?
I making excuses & telling you all that I have just "been so busy" because I feel like I say it every time......even if it is true.
I have been quite busy with things in my life and I have been struggling with a few burdens.
Last night was a breaking point for me in my life and I realized that I have been neglecting more than just my blog. I have been neglecting my personal walk with God, some of my own personal responsibilities and neglecting my main goal in life, to be an example of Christ to others.
After tears and prayers, and pouring over God's word I feel like a new person. And I shouldn't have been amazed, but I was, to realize that God has forgiven me once again for stupid mistakes I have made. His mercy is everlasting, and he is always ready to forgive and restore his children.
Even if we continually neglect him like I realized last night I have been doing.

So begins my "transformation" my "metamorphosis". I feel like I have a new slate and I am so determined to set my priorities straight. My walk with my Saviour is first and foremost, but I honestly do feel that this blog is one of my priorities. Obviously I don't think it should consume my time and energy, but if I can be an example of Christ through something so simple as my blog, and the crafts I do......then I will do it to the best of my ability.
But I don't want you to finish reading this and feel saddened! Believe me I feel so joyful, and so excited! I have a new energy to do what is right and to serve my Lord! I have a fresh perspective on what is important in life!
I would covet your prayers!

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Have you ever seen what they call a Zendoodle?
Well, they fascinate me so I started doing them last year. I haven't done very many, but they are very relaxing because you really cannot mess up!

Here is a video to show you what I'm talking about! This is me working on one:

{sorry the quality is so horrible!} ;)

And this is the finished product!

A very good stress reliever for me since the past few weeks have been very hectic, and those creative juices just haven't been cooperating!
Give it a try, you will be addicted, I promise!