Monday, April 25, 2011

{Easter eggs}

How was your Easter? Mine was wonderful! Our church always has a morning service, and a fellowship to follow and then no more services the rest of the day, providing time to spend with family!
So, we had some fun & reverted back to childhood and dyed easter eggs as well as an Easter egg hunt! Sure, we might be a little old for those things......maybe not though becuase it was really very fun! :)

Coloring easter eggs has always been so much fun for me! I love the colors and the few days afterwards of just admiring all the colors!
Some don't looks so great.....but that's just what makes it so much fun!
So my Easter weekend has been spent with a lot of joy and too much candy! :)


sara's art house said...

FUN! I am glad to know you don't have to stop having egg hunts when you are older :)

Kellie said...

I LOVE it that you all still have fun together with such a simple pasttime... and still enjoy it! And of course I get to watch!

Eleanor said...

Hey, I love Easter egg hunts... even though I've only done it a few times in my life! :D

And dying Easter eggs is a VERY valued tradition of ours!

Praise the Lord - I had a wonderful Easter!