Monday, March 14, 2011

{Scrabble Ring}

First, before I show you my new & awesome ring.........
I think you should now what it feels like to be me right now!

Step 1: take your thumb & first finger
Step 2: place said fingers on either side of your nose
Step 3: now pinch said nose with said fingers
Step 4: now try to talk, or better yet, try to breathe!

Yeah, so I don't know if I already have allergies, or I am just coming down with a cold, but I have been sneezing since I woke up, and my sinuses are being annoying!
But that hasn't stopped me from crafting, of course!

I just glued the scrabble tile to a ring base with just some gem glue that I had & let it dry overnight. I don't think the glue was actually meant for wood on metal, but actually it worked nicely & seems to be bonded quite permanently!

When I went to find a "B" in the bag of scrabble tiles {don't worry it was an old set!}
I didn't realize that the "B" was worth 3 points which works out perfectly,
because in my family, I am the third "B" after two awesome brothers! :)

I really like this ring, it's pretty funky & random, but I like that & I hope you do too!
Tell me what you think & please, pray for me that I will feel better!
Have a great day!


Kellie said...

Picture me doing steps 1-4 sitting in front of my computer...very funny LOL! Sorry you're not well but I am so glad it hasn't stopped you from crafting... this is just way too cute!

Eleanor said...

Vewy cute!!!! Lol!! (I hope you're feeling better now!) Love the ring!!