Saturday, March 26, 2011

{just a little happy...}

i have always kind of liked rain because it means you have to be inside, so it can be sort of cozy......
but i found myself, slightly bored this weekend! i guess because i don't really have any crafty projects to work on right now......and so i just am at a loss. maybe it's a nice break from all the craziness that i have endured this week!
i did find myself snapping pictures of all the "happy" that i have seen this week, and i thought perhaps all of us could use a little "happy" -- even though it may not be raining where you are......

{tea from a lovely friend -- i haven't tried it yet, i have just been smelling it -- it smells glorious!}

{being greeted by this cheery fabric every time i enter the craft room!}

{typing a colon and a parenthesis in Microsoft Word and this automatically appears!}

{seeing this little face all day every day -- and him finally acting like the normal Jack again!}

{taking pictures of these flower the exact day before they all shriveled up!}


Kellie said...

find a happy place, find a happy place! makes me smile!

Eleanor said...

I love this post! It's awesome to be able to focus on the little things in life - finding beauty in its most basic forms. Thanks!!! <3

Anonymous said...

Again, awesome photos! The one of Jack is so sweet and the still of the flower is stupendous! Keep it up ; )