Friday, January 28, 2011


TA-DA! Finally.....the big reveal of my "long-awaited" scarf project! I finally finished it and I am so pumped to make more!

I am in so in love with the color and I used size 15 knitting needles so the gauge is really chunky which I also love! {the stitch is the garter stitch-in case you are interested!}
Now I will definitely be figuring out other more challenging patterns so I can figure out how to make hats, baby sweaters and even baby booties! I so thrilled!
This was actually a really easy project so I could definitely see some gifts in the future! =)


As I was completing this project I ran into a few little bumps that got me frustrated, but was motivated to stick with it! Which reminds me of my friend Joy. She started crocheting and struggled at first, but she stuck with it and she made the cutest hat!
Check out her blog! I know you will love it! She is so sweet and has some amazing decorating skills!


I hope you all have an amazing weekend! I know I for one am thanking the Lord that it is Friday and I have made it through another week!
Oh by the way.......Hobby Lobby threw up:

{Don't be fooled by all the knitting, once you pass that layer then there is felt beneath that! :) }

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Kellie said...

Love it b! Can't wait to see those booties! You make your mom smile thanks b!