Friday, January 14, 2011

{Ultimate Comfort Food}



You probably couldn't tell by the picture, but this is creamed corn, the bestest & most delicious way! And today was just one of those days when I had a craving for comfort food! It is so simple to make and I promise you will love it, everyone who tries it says it is amazing!
1.) So basically if you use a bag of frozen corn then depending on how much you use of the bag, that's how much cream cheese and butter you put in. For instance if you use half the bag, put in half a stick of cream cheese and half a stick of butter. If you use a can then it would probably be about half a stick of cream cheese and butter for a whole can. (But definitely just add as much as you would like.....)
2.) Ok so you stick all of your ingredients into a pan (you can microwave it but I think it has a little more flavor if you cook it on the stove.) and you heat the mixture until it is creamy and the corn is hot all the way through.
3.) Then add salt and pepper to taste!

I hope my directions were clear enough! No, this dish is not really healthy, but it's comforting & delicious! :)


Kellie said...

YUM! I like your new verse button!

sara's art house said...

yum! That is my kind of comfort food!

Joy said...

where did you find your verse button? I want one for my blog.

Bethany said...

Hey Joy,
I actually made it myself! I did it on Picnik! (which if you have never used is absolutely amazing!)
I would be glad to make one for you if you want me to since I already know what I am doing, and I am really not good at explaining things! haha! :)
Just let me know....