Wednesday, February 23, 2011

{Rosette Jewelry}

More felt.....more rosettes! Addiction is an understatement, but it's great because there are so many possibilities!

So today you get 2 for 1.....two crafts in one post! Woo hoo!
First project:

{Rosette earrings}

And here is the finished product......

I am in love! They are so cute, and they will add a fun pop of color....

especially with Spring coming!

Second Project:

{Rosette ring}

Another adorable accessory that I will wear all the time!
You should give these accesories a try, they are so easy and so fun!

Oh and by the way.....this is the glue that I used for both of the projects!
I also wanted to explain why I haven't been posting regularly........
My laptop, officially passed away! :)
Rest in peace Toshiba, rest in peace!


Kellie said...

Love 'em B! Keep crafting lady!

sara's art house said...

Oooh! How fun! LOVE the earrings and the ring. I already have the ring blanks and some glue on I could get to it right away!