Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{Random & Wonderful}

Today I am joining
{Tuesday's Top Ten Random & Wonderful}
from my mom's blog!

{10.} Reese's Hearts for Valentine's day from my Dad
(9.) Taking pictures of flowers
[8.] Enjoying the "spring-ish" weather
{7.} Happy pink finger nails & red toenails
(6.) My mom's smocked pouches (can I expect one soon? :)
[5.] Wearing my favorite pair of jeans.........again
{4.} Answered prayers
(3.) Making flower pins (a post about them coming very soon!)
[2.] Jack's sweet & "innocent" little face
{1.} Reading & studying Psalm 23

Forcing yourself to make a little list of things you are thankful for
really makes a difference in your outlook on the day!
Now it's your turn, make your lists and then leave a link in a comment on my mom's blog!

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