Monday, June 6, 2011

{Seeing Red}

It appears a lot of people are "seeing red"! (my mom, and a good friend)

Red is probably my favorite color (though a lot of colors are my "favorite"!)! It's so cheery and fun and to top it all's the name of my favorite baseball team! (Go Red Sox!)

Well, it was definitely time for a room redo! My mom and I originally painted my room a mint green color....but when I say mint green I mean like neon mint green! It was bright & fun at the time but after a while it started to get on my nerves! It definitely wasn't a relaxing color.
So we repainted my walls a very simple beige color and all of my accessories are red (and some brown)!

It's a much more sophisticated and mature color combo!

We went to Hobby Lobby and got all these different patterned fabrics and the white pillow is made out of the really soft fabric microfleece, I believe it's called. It's my favorite pillow! :)
We had enough fabric to also cover my cork board as well.

And we found this rug on sale for half the price so we definitely snapped it up! It covers up two holes that Jack dug into the carpet as well as adds a little pop of color!
Plus, I think Jack likes it too! :)


Kellie said...

I love it B! You need to include a pic of that corkboard!!!! LOL!

Zoe said...

Looks good- redecorating your room is always fun!! Yes- lets see a pic of the corkboard!

Eleanor said...

I LOVE the room!!! And seeing it first-hand, I just think it's great! Good for you!! :) (I want to see the corkboard too!! Lol!!)

Eleanor said...
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sara's art house said...

Wow- I love the pillows- the colors and patterns and the owl :) :)