Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fleece Baby Jackets

I promise that I will have something original for my next post, but today the creative juices just weren't flowing! =)
So, here are a few fleece baby jackets that I made a few months ago. I am in LOVE with fleece! It is so easy to work with and you can make projects with it in a day! That's my kind of project...quick and easy!

This one is by far my absolute favorite!!!!! I love the combo of brown and blue and the little cute!

Another reason this is my favorite is that this one comes with a hat! Again, the flower, with the brown and the blue!! It makes me HAPPY!

This one is just a pink and blue plaid adorned with little gems!

This would be so cute on a little boy!
Especially with the little sailboat on the side.

I am hoping I will be able to give these out to people in my church that are having children, or possibly find some way of selling them too. They are so simple, and look great. Another great thing about them is all of the color combinations you can create with the fleece! However you do need to purchase the pattern book:

I promise new, different and exciting posts are on the way. But........I'm learning patience with blogger! =)

Have a great Wednesday!

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