Thursday, October 14, 2010

{Tantalizing Treats}

Today I made these delicious mini spice cakes! They are the first real "fallish" treat I have made so far, so they really got me in the fALL spirit!
To make them all you need is a spice cake mix (follow their directions), and this adorable mini bundt cake pan from Avon. (I'm actually not sure if they still sell these, but I apologize if they don't!)

After you get them out of the oven, let them cool completely and then pour your delicious glaze over top of them!!!! YUM!

Am I making you hungry? Is your mouth watering yet?

Fall is definitely in the air! The weather is getting cooler, there was a wonderful breeze today and the leaves are finally changing color! Fall always makes me happy, and always reminds me of the good God that I have!

Talk to you soon! =)


Kellie said...

They look yummy... can't wait to have one!
Fall is my favorite time of year!

Eleanor said...

Hi friend! And yes, I am now starving, thanks to your delectable photography skills!!!!

Very cool!!