Monday, November 15, 2010

Fall-ish Name Cards

Update: The leaves look great! They have kept their color, & their shape! =) I wouldn't bend them or mess with them much because they are obviously still a little brittle, but they are still holding their shape well!

I am soo excited about Thanksgiving in only 10 days! We always have lots of family over, and spend the day baking, talking, watching football, and obviously eating! =)
So, I came up with some creative, and definitely festive name cards:

They are so simple to make, and I think they look really great! Just collect some leaves of all different shapes, sizes and colors! I was amazed as I was collecting some, at how each and every leaf is unique in its own special way! We have an amazing creator!
To keep the leaves from drying out and also to add a nice gloss to them I sprayed them with this sealer that I got from Hobby Lobby.

Technically you are supposed to let it dry for 24 hours, but I couldn't wait to see how it looked! I am not sure if it is actually supposed to go on leaves, but I tried it and I think it worked fine!
You have to let them dry for a couple of hours until they are no longer tacky and then you can decorate away! I just folded some beige cardstock and then wrote everyone's name in a fancy script!

This is an awesome way to use what God has created! I love fall leaves and it was so much fun finding the prettiest ones!
I hope you enjoy, and I hope your holiday is so special!


Kellie said...

Now I can't wait for our family dinner! They will make the table look FESTIVE! Love it B!

sara's art house said...

These are great!!!! I wish I would have seen this post before we made leaf crafts yesterday....we found beautiful leaves and glued them onto papers. They looked great- until today- they are starting to curl and brown :( Guess I should have realized this would happen- but if we try it again and use your method- I am sure they will turn out!

Eleanor said...

They look awesome!! Very Thanksgivingy!!! Bravo!