Monday, November 8, 2010

Handmade Blanket

Hey y'all! I'm back, and ready with some new projects to show you! =) I am excited and hoping that I will finally be able to keep up with new posts regularly. Plus, I am thrilled that the holiday season is finally here, not only because Thanksgiving and Christmas are my two most favorite days in the year, but also because I these two months are the months when there seem to be so many projects to do!
Anyways, I am here to proudly show you my quilt that I finished a few days ago {with a lot of help from my little sewing army - my mom! =) }

I love it! It is so fun, and also very cozy!

Everything, and I mean everything was hand sewn!! I sewed the little yellow center to the white piece, then the whole flower to the square and then the square to the blanket! Obviously this was a long process, but totally worth it because I can say I made it by hand!

Jack loves it too! =) It was a wonderfully cold day {finally}. A perfect day to put on some fun, warm socks, and snuggle under a warm blanket with a good book and Jack by your side!
{too bad that little dream didn't actually happen! =) haha!}


Kellie said...

Great job on the long project of the blanket... it came out great and I just LOVE it - it is so fun! Maybe today you can grab a classic and curl up under that fun blanket?!! Jack would love it too!

Eleanor said...

It's adorable!!! Can't wait to see what's coming up next!

sara's art house said...

LOVE the blanket! HOW CUTE! And what a huge job!