Friday, February 4, 2011

{Flower pin}

Well I told you I was starting a new obsession with fabric flowers........

This one is obviously a pin, but this one I tried a different method which you might have seen before............
You melt the edges of your fabric in a flame and the edges begin to curl and after you layer a few different size circles you end up with this lovely little flower!

{oh by the way......don't try to melt just any type of has to be a silky material or else it will start on fire......and yes, I am speaking from experience!}

I also wanted to show you the t-shirt I had on in the picture, because it is one of my favorites!
If you have never heard of them, they are called Bee-tees {here is their website}, and each t-shirt design has a inspiring saying on it:

Aren't they adorable? I would love to have every single one!
They are not only great reminders for me, but for everyone who sees me!

Hope you will give the flower a try, it really is a beautiful result especially with some little beads in the center and some cute leaves!

Have a lovely day!


Kellie said...

I am soooo thankful for you! And I just love love love your pin! So cheery... and I am so glad you didn't burn the house down! Thank you for being so helpful B! You are a blessing to this ol' lady!

Beedeebabee said...

Hi Bethany! Your flower brooch turned out so darn cute! I want to try making these too...but I'll take your advice and only use silky fabric! :D Enjoy your day today...that's such a cute tee! Paulette :)

Tink's Stuff said...

I love the flowers so much stuff to make and to little time, Your works adorable

Ruthie said...

Hi, I found out about your blog through Eleanor Mayes! Very cool fashion crafts! Thank you for sharing your ideas with others! :)
Keep up the good work!