Thursday, February 3, 2011

{Flower Headband}

Headbands are really popular right now, but I am really trying to save money right now! Just look at these beautiful head bands that I gained some inspiration from:

{Top two & bottom left: Forever 21 Bottom right: Anthropologie}

So, after deciding that a headband from Anthropologie that cost $32.00 was just WAY to much......

I created my own!
This fabric has been in our craft room and I have just been in love with it, but not quite sure
how to use it!
I don't normally wear headbands, especially not ones with delicate little flowers on them, so this was a slight step out of my fashion comfort zone to wear this, but hey, everyone needs a little something different now and then!

{ Variety is the Spice of Life }

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Kellie said...

Another LOVE IT item! I loved that fabric too... and the dress made with it recently!

sara's art house said...

LOVE it!!!!!!!! How crafty you are!! I am the same way about never imagining that I would wear a flowered headband- but I would now too!

Ruthie said...

Hello! I found out about your blog through Eleanor Mayes and I reeeally like your craft ideas! Keep on designing! :)