Wednesday, February 2, 2011

{Rosette Necklace}

It seems like I haven't posted in so long, but I guess part of the explanation why can be found on my mom's blog! Yeah so, that has kept me pretty busy, but I have managed to squeeze in some crafting time (of course)!

I have seen this style necklace a lot (here)and there have been many versions I have seen on various blogs (here & here) I thought they were all SO cute, so I really wanted to try it myself.
It really was very simple and comparing my price (free) to buying it online ($$$)....I was pretty pleased!

I am already working on another one, but this one incorporates different patterns of fabric. But for some reason it also has brown. I can't seem to get away from brown!

There are two more projects as well that I have coming up, both of which are different variations of fabric flowers (I sense............a new obsession!).


Kellie said...

Love it! And I am soooo glad you found a few minutes for your crafting! Thanks for helping so much! Love you B!

sara's art house said...

Super cute. I have wanted to try one of maybe you have inspired me!