Monday, June 13, 2011

{is 33 too many??}

Here's another random fact about Bethany.......
She LOVES to collect nail polish!
When I go to stores, the one place I am certain to check out before I leave is the nail polish section!
I love the different shapes of bottles, and all the different colors, and nail polish is great because, maybe you have had a hard day in the fitting room where nothing is working, or you find the most adorable shoe, and they have it in every other size except yours......well with nail polish there aren't any sizes, so it always looks great! :)

Anyways, the point is, I have quite a few nail polishes, and my collection seems to be increasing, so I wanted a fun way to display all of the colors, while still keeping it neat and organized.
My mother had this shelf she wasn't using so I nabbed it and it works great!

Now I just think I need another one to fill with more nail polish! :)


Eleanor said...

Here, here!!! I couldn't agree more - nail polish is DEFINITELY one of the best and most enjoyable joys of life!!! :D

I love your collection, and your new way of displaying it, too!! :)

Kellie said...

Nothing better than pretty pink toes... or blue, or purple, or green... the possibilities are endless! Love it!